EmailTooler.com is a collection of tools for email marketing purposes. Our mission is to simplify all technical processes around email marketing. It is highly recommended, that everything is tested perfectly if you want the most success.

It starts with the mail server: Is the mail server not configured the right way or if it's not optimized and secured properly, it will impact your entire email marketing.

To verify, that the mail server is working correctly, use some of our free tools.

  • Did you know, that the email deliverability drops significantly if your mail server's IP address is listed in one of the Anti-Spam databases? Check our IP Blacklist Checker for this job.
  • Did you know, that the destination mail server, who receives an email from you, will reject your messages if your Reverse-DNS record is not set up correctly? Well, you can check this with our DNS Lookup tool.
  • Or… what about the email content? Does it matter if you use a lot of words which usually spammers use to drive people to act? Try our Spam Words Analysis for this task, you will be surprised!

You see, there are a lot of things which help you to level-up your email marketing. Don't waste a lot of potential by ignoring the very important technical part, use reliable tools instead – it will help you a lot!

Good luck!
The EmailTooler-Developers

P.S.: For all our German readers we got an email marketing information site with great tips and recommendations, just visit NewsletterMarketer.de. Also, we got a German section on this site.